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Chinese for professionals

I mainly teach mandarin to people in the middle of their professional career, and offer group-, private- and distance lessons. Most of my students are engineers, technicians, executives, managers, expats and spouses.

Basic course in mandarin

Language, culture, technology, and leadership; when you work with China it all relates. Technology and leadership you know the importance of, language and culture are equally important for a good result. I offer an elaborated course in the language, including related culture understanding, which means that you work more efficiently in your cooperation with China, and can avoid expensive misunderstandings.

Custom-designed course content

The course is designed for technicians, engineers and managers who work with China, or plan to move there for a longer or shorter period. The course is divided into three modules, where the first module teaches the fundamental expression of social skills, and should be mandatory for everyone working with China, the following two modules are about to survive in society and to work and socialize with colleagues and other stakeholders.

Homework with app

To learn more efficiently, you also need to study between lessons. I have simplified this by adding the lessons vocabulary, phrases and sentences into an app. You can, when you have time, start the app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and re-study the lesson.

Experienced teacher and sinologist

I have more than 30 years experience of business with China; as an engineer and in senior positions in companies and organizations, and as a China consultant, and also as teacher and examiner for a course in Mandarin at Chalmers University of Technology.

Groups: We follow the basic course in Mandarin where each lesson is about 2 hours. You will learn useful expressions and phrases, structure of the language and tools to analyze characters. The course is based on the vocabulary of HSK1 (汉语 水平 考试), the first step of a standard for foreigners to learn Chinese. In the classes I also include relevant cultural understanding.

Private lessons: We follow either the basic course in Mandarin or design a course together according to your requirements. Maybe you are in a rush to learn "survival Chinese" due to an early move to China, or you have specific requirements for a vocabulary that suits your business.

Distance learning: In addition to the traditional group and private classes I offer private lessons via Skype. For distance learning a good internet connection with Skype is required. Be aware that some companies have restrictions in terms of connectivity with Skype.

When meetings with Chinese people, knowledge of the Chinese language gives you a much better and deeper social relation, and you get respect. Chinese people do not expect that Westerners learn to use the language fluently, but appreciate that you show interest in Chinese culture and language.



The course is divided into three modules, including an introduction and 16 lessons. Because the speed of learning is individual, I can not quote a price for a complete or parts of the course.

Please contact me for more information and prices.

Video clip (Swedish): short presentation of Mandarin lessons.

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