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Culture and language-related issues are often underestimated, but are extremely important to your success. I help my clients to work more efficiently and to better understand China, and I offer consultancy services with focus on your business with China.

I started my consultancy business in 2012 after living in and working with China since 1985. I offer services either by myself or together with partners, including an extensive network in both Sweden and China. Since 2010 I live in Gothenburg.

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seminars and lectures

I give appreciated lectures and seminars about China for various forums, and with different emphases. In my lectures and seminars I demystify and explain with our Swedish references how things in China works.The topics ranging from lectures on eg the construction of the Swedish pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai to pure inspiration lectures.

I also give seminars, alone or together with other experts, for new expatriates with families settling down in China.

About 30 years ago circumnavigated the globe on my bicycle. There is still interest for lectures about this unusual event in my life.

Examples of titles :

  • China needs the world- does the world need China?
  • The new China
  • China challenges
  • When China rules the world
  • China profile
  • Expatriate Preparation Program, China .
  • Work more efficient with China
  • Business culture in China
  • Construction of the Swedish pavilion at EXPO2010 .
  • Around the globe by bicycle.

language teaching, mandarin

Chinese for Professionals

Most of my students are professionals, often in mid-career, and I offer group, private and distance lessons. The course includes a thorough introduction to the language and 16 lessons divided into three modules. The first module is basic; greeting and politeness phrases, and should be mandatory for everyone working in or with China.


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Book an appointment for counseling, it may be critical for finding solutions to opportunities or problems.

After a more the 30-year career with China, I have come across many challenges, cultural clashes, new situations and almost unsolvable problems, resulting in a vast experience-bank and a useful network in China. I also learned that each situation is unique, and always have its own solution.

Ensure quality of your meetings

If you do not understand your Chinese partner , or if he/she does not understand you, can cost a lot, consume a lot of time and cause trouble. I can participate in discussions and negotiations to avoid misunderstandings between the parties. Since I am Swedish and understand our culture, speak fluent Chinese and have 30 years of experience in the Chinese culture and also have a background in engineering and management, I can help you avoid misunderstandings, and probably come up with solutions that are more optimal.

project management

Planning or running project in China? The project manager is the managing director of the project, where success or failure depends on his/her personal skills and experience.

I have seen examples of talented young project managers get stucked in various culture-related traps, where experience, knowledge and seniority would have saved the project to a success.

Together we can review your project, evaluate the risks, and find a way to coach the existing project manager, or in some cases help you to manage the project.

With an experienced, competent and senior project manager who worked in China during a quarter of a century, you can feel safe.

board support

For a board of directors to function professionally and make the right decisions at right timing it is necessary with competence to understand all the business disciplines. A board of directors for China business/operation needs expertise about China to interpret the information coming from the operation and other Chinese players, and also to communicate effectively with the management in China.

As a managing director in China I was also a member of two boards of directors, for my company and also another subsidiary in China. My experience is that the China-competence of the board in many cases is critical to business success, and that this expertise too often gets too little influence on decisions.

This also applies to projects conducted in China, when major decisions are taken in a non-Chinese Steering Group. If no or limited competence about China, the project can, at worst, totally or partially go wrong?

contact me

Please don't hesitate contact me and tell about your idea, problem or specific need. If I cannot engage myself, maybe I can recommend how to move on, maybe by contact someone in my vast network.





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I hold an F-tax certificate.




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